About Us

The Minnie Barn is located at the Comfort Inn City Centre Armidale.

The name of the restaurant was inspired by Minnie Webb, the captain of the “Amazons”, who were the first all female fire brigade in Australia, located in Armidale NSW.

Minnie is featured on the City Centre’s mural on Barney St which pays homage to the Amazons, celebrating the dedication and bravery of the female fire fighters who volunteered their services between 1901 and 1905.

The “Barn” is inspired by the City Centre’s country feel and home away from home hospitality.

The Amazon’s mural was painted by Brisbane based artist Sarah Hickey in 2019.

The Minnie Barn will be serving authentic Ezidi cuisine, which derives from Northern Iraq in the middle east and uses a range of unique spices. Some favourite dishes include Biryani (a rice & chicken dish), and traditionally made vine leaf Dolmas, a spiced rice mix cooked in a vine leaf wrap. Our cooks come from Northern Iraq and always bring new and exciting traditional dishes and flavours to the table.

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